The Power of Story

“The fire of literacy is created by the emotional sparks
between a child, a book, and the person reading.”   
Mem Fox

Reading opens doors to worlds unknown and makes a difference in unexpected parts of our lives. Umberto Eco refers to this when he says that reading extends our lives. People who don’t read live one life, whereas people who do read, live thousands of lives.

Literary reading affects people in many different ways.  One response is that, having enjoyed a book, we wish to recreate that same pleasurable experience in some way or other.  When enchanted by a reading experience, we wish to be re-enchanted by further reading.

The other natural response to a joyful reading experience, is the desire to share with others our rewarding experience by talking about the book that has enchanted us.  Booktalk, as Aidan Chambers calls this kind of sharing, has the power to draw us into a virtuous Reading Circle.

But enchanted readers are no more born than athletes are.  The enchantment for reading has to be planted by someone. If we look at the childhoods of adults who have succeeded in school and life, more often than not you find there have been significant adults in their lives who have talked with them and listened to them a lot.  Adults who have been interested in their opinions. Adults who have cared for and valued them as persons and most often, have been read to.

Through our Teacher Development Programs, at Time for TALE we wish to help teachers build up their confidence and twin-capacity as Literacy Enablers & Literature Enchanters so they in turn, may help their children discover the wonderful world of books and become thoughtful, enthusiastic, life-long readers.

Feel free to hop on board and Join us in time for tale!     Lorraine Sly